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“Die-lightful” Halloween Snack Pack Pudding Cups Dessert

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Halloween Pudding Cups #SnackPackMixins #shop
I love surprising my kids with super fun after school snacks. When ever there is a holiday coming up soon, I like making them holiday themed treats. Halloween is the perfect holiday for getting really creative in the kitchen. These “die-lightful” Halloween Snack Pack pudding cups desserts were the perfect sweet treat for an after school snack.

Believe it or not, these Halloween Snack Pack pudding cups are super easy. In fact, they only have 3 ingredients (ok and a few decorations) in them! That’s right – snack pack pudding cups, Oreo cookies and Reddi wip whipped cream. Decorations such as black writing icing and a candy tombstone set added special embellishments.

How To A Make Pumpkin Pudding Cup

Pumpkin Dessert Pudding #SnackPackMixins #shop


3 Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding Cups
6 drops of red food coloring
4 drops of yellow food coloring
Clear plastic cups


In small bowl add vanilla Snack Pack pudding cups and food coloring
Mix until you get the desired orange hue
Draw a jack-o-lantern face on the clear plastic cup
Place orange pudding in cup

Halloween Pudding Cups Recipe #SnackPackMixins #shop

How To Make A Grave Yard Pudding Cup

Grave yard pudding dessert #snackpackmixins #shop


3 Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding Cups
3 Oreo cookies (crushed)
Ready made tombstone & bones kit (comes with an edible marker)
Clear plastic cup


Put chocolate Snack Pack pudding into clear plastic cup
Crush Oreo cookies in plastic baggy and place on top of chocolate pudding
Add ready made tombstone & bones

Die-lightful Pudding Desserts #SnackPackMixins, #shop

How To Make A Ghost Pudding Cup

Ghost Pudding Dessert #SnackPackMixins #shop


2 Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding Cups
Reddi Wip whipped cream
Black writing gel
Clear plastic cup


Place Snack Pack pudding cups in to clear plastic cup
Squirt Reddi Wip in a circle pattern to create a ghost like figure
Add mouth and eyes with black writing gel

Spooky Pudding Desserts #SnackPackMixins #shop

These #SnackPackMixin Halloween Snack Pack pudding cups are super easy to make and quite the spectacular after school snack. Snack Pack pudding cups contain as much calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk and are a sweet treat after a long, tiring day at school. My older kids loved these Halloween pudding cups that I made for them. They each tasted all of them, it was like rotating pudding cups! Of course, being a mom shopping at Walmart is always a smart choice. Walmart carries the best products for the best prices. Everything that I used in these recipes I got at Walmart for less than 20 dollars!

pudding cups at walmart #snackpackmixins #shop
Find more Halloween and Fall snack creations on Pinterest

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