Inappropriate texts

I frequently send my husband pictures via text throughout the day. I’m not really sure why. I’m not one of those gushy, mushy wives that misses him or anything. Maybe I just like making him feel bad, like he’s bored at work doing boring stuff and we’re doing fun stuff at home. Or perhaps I’m the bored one.

Some of the photos I send him during the day are necessary like this:

You know, in case he didn’t believe me when I told him. And this is visual proof.

Some are about the things we do during the day. Like important stuff like the Doctor appointments:

Some photos that I send are just cute and meant for a smile:


Some photos I send are about rare moments, like this one where the kids were actually playing and doing something together. Collectively. Without bloodshed or tears:

They were putting State quarters in an empty water jug. Why? Like I’m supposed to know…

Some pictures I send him to make him feel sorry for me. And he’ll have proof as to why I’m always hungry and irritable. Someone steals my food!

Then, like a good husband he is. He sends me pictures via text back. Inappropriate ones.

Like this:

Where when I get it, I’m like “really buddy?”

And then he sends me really inappropriate stuff where I think “WTH is wrong with you”:

 And that’s when I start to wonder if he should own a phone with a camera. ;)


  1. says

    I never get pics from my husband. And all I send him are ones of our son. Like the one of this morning when he was staring at a poster of a tall tan lady outside a tanning parlor and I could not get him to walk away.

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