Disney’s Club Penguin “Coins for Change” inspires kids to make a difference

coins for change, virtual games, online games, virtual games for kids, online kids games, games, club penguin, disney, disney interactiveDisney’s Club Penguin, the number one virtual world for kids with more than 175 millions kids who take part in the games and online community is inspiring kids to make a difference: for the 6th annual year, Club Penguin is helping raise social awareness with their program “Coins for Change”. Coins for Change allows kids to donate virtual coins earned in the game to support causes that matter to them. For this year’s event, Club Penguin will host the biggest virtual bake sale ever, with players baking millions of in-game cookies and then buying cookies using their virtual coins to determine where Club Penguin will contribute its annual $1M USD donation is shared among 3 real world causes among the pre-selected charitable projects.

Kids can participate in the virtual bake sale by visiting the all new bakery and cooking up three different kinds of cookies. At the end of the event (which is January 2nd 2013), the kids virtual donations from the bake sale will serve as votes to determine how Club Penguin will divide its $1M USD contribution among the pre-selected charitable projects.
“Coins for Change” has made the decision process easy and has selected 3 real world causes that the kids will vote on. The 3 real world causes are totally relatable and tangible to kids:

Provide Medical Help

  • Food and clean water for kids in Haiti and all over Africa, Asia and South America
  • Toys and alternative play for hospitalized kids in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia
  • Surgery for poor kids in Cambodia; health clinics and hospitals in Malawi and Lesotho

Protect the Earth

  • Overnight camp in Kenya and Zimbabwe where kids can learn about endangered animals native to their homeland
  • Habitat protection and tree planting in Africa, Asia, and South America
  • Protection for endangered animals like Snow Leopards, Saiga Antelopes, Cotton-top Tamarins, Andean Cats, Tapirs and Penguins

Build Safe Places

  • Libraries, playgrounds and schools in Haiti, Africa, Asia, and South America
  • Support for kids without parents in Ethiopia, the Philippines and Colombia
  • Safe places to play and learn for kids in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda

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What is the most special is that Club Penguin doesn’t just write a check with their donation, they actually go out to the countries that we help and spend months deciding which places need what projects. Check this out for yourself!

The “Coins for Change” event will be from December 20th to January 2nd so log on to Club Penguin and start baking now! 

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