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Disney’s newest animation film, Frozen, will hit theaters in 3D nationwide on November 27, 2013. Just in time for the holidays, Frozen is a heartwarming yet adventurous tale about love and family. In the film, two Princess sisters – one an eternal optimist and one a guarded Ice Queen struggle to overcome their differences and save their beloved kingdom of Arendelle from an icy grip. Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, Frozen was based loosely on the 1845 Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “Snow Queen” –  a story Walt Disney himself always wanted to tell.

frozen elsa dress sketch

One of the things that I remember the most from the press day at the Disney Animation Studios in Burbank was the directors talking about how life is a power struggle between Fear versus Love. In Frozen, this internal struggle  is a silent theme throughout the film that is told through this family’s journey . The princess Anna and Elsa as well as the characters we meet along the way, personify these emotions in the film as they become who they truly are and realize their potential.

frozen elsa's magical powers

“We wanted the movie to be both timely and timeless,” says Jennifer Lee, Director and Screenplay writer. “We were going for something contemporary that everyone would understand and we realized that fear is so often the very thing that gives us a negative outlook, that threatens our relationships. Every single scene, in its own way, supports our themes of family and love, and real love versus fear. And it’s fear that drives Elsa.”

Meet The Characters

Frozen AnnaAnna (Voiced by Kristen Bell)

Anna, the youngest sister is a fearless optimist. Quirky, funny and independent, my favorite scene with Anna is when she approaches Kristoff to “demand” his expert snow guide services. Much like a real girl, Anna is a sweet mixture of vulnerability and empowered independence. Anna represents Love.

ElsaElsa (Voiced by Idina Menzel)

Elsa, the older sister of the two is the Ice Queen who was born with special “icy” talents that went awry while the girls were little that hurts Anna in the process. In result, Elsa becomes fearful of hurting her sister again and clams up, pulling away from those she loves. One fateful day many years later, Elsa creates a wintry outburst, leaving a Frozen Arendelle in her wake. Elsa represents Fear.

Frozen Kristoff and Sven

Kristoff (Voiced by Jonathan Groff) and his trusty sidekick, Sven

Rugged mountain man Kristoff is not your typical Disney hero because he’s just a regular guy. Meaning that he’s messy and dirty and unexpected. He lives in the mountains outside Arendelle and his best buddy is a reindeer named Sven. Kristoff has no problem challenging Anna and the two have quite the dynamic chemistry. Sven is Kristoff’s reindeer sidekick. He’s loveable and has dog like personality traits.

frozen hans and sitronHans (Voiced by) and his noble steed Sitron

Hans is your typical gentile Disney Prince. Kind, caring, debonair and handsome. He sweeps Anna off her feet and leaves her speechless (well, leaves her talking gibberish at least). Sitron is Prince Hans’ noble horse.

"FROZEN" (Pictured) OLAF. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.Olaf (Voiced by Josh Gad)

When the girls were young before Elsa pulled away, they made a snowman together. Once Elsa runs away she creates Olaf with her magical powers. Olaf represents her happiest childhood memory. He is funny, quirky and he brings comedy to every scene. Olaf represents pure childhood innocence and love.

frozen arendelleThe Setting

Ok, so technically not a “character” of the film, however the kingdom of Arendelle is within a majestic setting, giving life and a richness to the film like no other animated Disney movie before.

And now, the official Frozen trailer:

For more information you can click and find more at Frozen or on Facebook.

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