Funny Dad – Not A Wordless Wednesday

I posted this on facebook yesterday:

“It was just the other day that I sat watching my children play and I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and bliss. Having 4 children is really amazing – there is always someone to love, always someone to make me laugh and always someone to cuddle.

That is until you’re sick and you feel like you’re dying and home alone with all 4 of them for 12 hours. Then you start contemplating selling at least 3 of the kids on the black market. Because MY GAWD if they scream in my ear one more time, demand something to eat again or lock themselves in the bathroom again I…just…may…die.”

I have been sick this past week. And not just any sick. I have been OhMyGawdImDyingKillMeNowThisHurtsSoMuch kind of sick. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out I have strep throat. The doctor could sense my “kill me now” attitude and kept asking me if I was ok. I was prescribed a z-pack because I’m allergic to everything else. So far, I feel slightly better. 

My husband has had to take over completely in the evenings, which isn’t his favorite. The other evening I could hear laughter (as opposed to yelling! That is good!) through my feverish state and he sent me this picture. I’m glad that my OhMyGawdI’mDryingASlowDeath sickness is giving them the opportunity to do fun, funny things. This picture is just great.

Kids in costumes



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