So Fresh, So Spring – FabKids in April

FabKids in April

It’s no secret that I adore kids clothing, so much so in fact that my kids closets and drawers are stuffed to the gills with clothes. However I’m not a crazy extravagant spender on kids clothing. I have been lucky to find super great style, quality and price kids clothing from places like FabKids. At… 

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Get Your Chilled Wine On – NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

Get Your Chilled Wine On, Mom  As a mom of four children, having a glass of wine is a great way to wind down and relax after a long day of mom-ing. Thanks to my friends at NewAir, I know have the classiest, most adult-like wine cooler to chill my wine to the perfect temperature…. 

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Bam! Pow! Marvel Universe Live at the @CBBankArena!

Marvel Universe Live Review

Bam! Pow! Thwack! Thanks to Desiree Eaglin, I was able to take my husband and my son to see Marvel Universe Live! In other words, the quest for the Cosmic Cube! The bad guys want world domination and the good guys want to prevent that at all costs. The Cosmic Cube is the key to… 

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Flagship Cruises and Events Champagne Sunday Brunch Cruise

Flagship Cruises and Events Review

Set Sail, in Luxury  Downtown San Diego bay is one of the most picturesque places in Southern California and there is no better way to soak up the Southern Californian sun like a luxurious, delicious brunch cruise around the bay. Flagship Cruises & Events, a San Diego Harbor Excursion luxury brand that has been around since… 

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