This blog is my personal space to divulge all about me living my life the best I can and trying to be the best mom possible. And we all know – motherhood requires funny.

I started blogging in 2006 to chronicle my 1st pregnancy and to have an avenue to be creative and a space to vent. My original 2007-2009 blog “Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest” was on blogger and I had a lot of fun with it. Due to a lack of direction and a lack of time I took a hiatus and shut that blog down.

In March of 2011 I became a writing contributor for DayTrippingMom which gave me the confidence in May of 2011 to answer a call for contributor on InnerCircleCorona; I contributed for the city of Corona until August of 2011 and I contributed to DayTrippingMom until April of 2012.
In June of 2011 I was asked to become a member of MomsLA, which is an amazing blogging community of the best mom bloggers. I got hired on at Best of LA CBS Local Los Angeles as a freelance writer. I was a contributor Savvy Sassy Mom from September 2012 until January 2014. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.

After being a contributor for a while, I decided that it was time for me to have an avenue to be creative again. So here it is. And here you are reading it.

Thank you.

Mario Collage