Acorn Doughnut Hole Recipe

Easy Acorn Doughnut Hole Recpe

Last week I somehow missed the Thanksgiving potluck parent signups for my daughter’s Preschool class, so I asked the teacher what I can bring and she said “a little dessert”. Well, being the overachieving, overcommiter that I am I immediately thought of creating leaf shaped fruit pureed filled cookies with a sugar glaze. When I… 

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Use Your Tablet Your Way With The OtterBox Agility Tablet System Review and Giveaway

Otterbox Agility Portfolio

The Otterbox Agility Tablet System is an integrated and complete product line to make your tablet a seamless part of your life. After several shattered smart phone screens I quickly learned to only trust my very breakable phones and tablets with Otterbox. There simply isn’t another product line out there with the trusted protection as Otterbox. I received product… 

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